Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the Brick Box?
    It’s multiple rooms of fun located upstairs within the Harker House building. We have The Workshop – a huge room we use for building and parties. The Builders Den – Our cosy themed building room for smaller groups, and our extensive collectibles shop of pre loved Lego.
  • How long does a building session take?
    Our regular building sessions are 1 hour, but Birthday Parties and special events can be much longer.
  • Is there car parking?
    There’s plenty of car parking on-site, and it’s free.

  • Is food and drink allowed inside?
    We ask for no food to be consumed inside so we can ensure our bricks are kept as clean as possible. Drinks are allowed.
  • Are there toilet facilities available?
    We have toilet facilities available upstairs in the building.
  • Can we buy what we’ve built?
    Yes! Anything you’ve built during a build session can be purchased – pop to our counter and a team member will weigh your model and price accordingly.
  • Is the site wheelchair accessible?
    As we are located in an old building, there are only stairs available to get to us, however we will help in any way we can to help someone come and visit us.
  • Do we have to pay for toddlers to visit?
    Under 3’s build for free, and we have a small amount of Duplo for their enjoyment.
  • Do we have to pay for adults to visit?
    Yes – Just as you would at the cinema, we actively encourage everyone to get into the building experience!