Welcome to The Brick Zone – the worlds first Lego themed challenge room. CLOSING FOREVER ON JULY 30TH 2023. Join commander Brooke Brick aboard his ship The CJD, on his mission to restore creativity to his home planet.

Treat your family and friends to an unmissable Journey through space as you work together to solve, find and build as many riddles and answers as you can out of everyone’s favourite construction toy.

With over 100 riddles to solve you’ll find new riddles every time you visit!

Work together as a team for a place on our leaderboard, play against teams that have played before to beat their high score over two levels of difficulty, “Family Builders” or “Master Builders” and time (30 minutes or 1 hour) Teams can be between 2 and 6 people!

NEW FOR 2019- Battle Mode. Go head to head against your friends and family as you compete to see who’s got the quickest building and riddle solving skills. Split your group in half or share the cost with another family and come and have some competitive fun! Suitable for up to 6 adults or 2 families (up to 4 adults and 4 children)

Book a 1 hour game and every player gets a Build Your Own Minifigure to take home

Got a night free from the children or just looking for something different to do? Take on our Master Builder riddles suitable for adults and over 16s!

Fancy a last minute trip? Check on the calendar we may have some slots available.

Suitable for families and adult groups.

For more information call today or use the booking form to reserve your tickets:

01977 800427

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Check our The Brick Zone – High Scores – Can you come out on top?

Frequency Asked Questions

What is a Challenge Room and when is it open?
It’s a bit like an escape room but you don’t have to escape. Instead the goal is to answer as many riddles as you can. We open The Brick Zone for bookings only don’t worry if it says our shop is closed, we’ll be there for you.
How old do I have to be?
Ever child is different. We recommend 7+ but in a family group children as young as 5 have had an amazing time! You know you’re own children better than we do:)
Do I have to be accompanied by an adult?
All children under 16 must be accompanied at all times by an adult. This includes inside the experience.
Will I be locked in the room?
No, it’s a challenge room not an escape room – although we do suggest staying in the room once the experience begins as it can’t be restarted.
Are there special effects or darkness?
Yes, our new experience has a little bit of magic sprinkled in and is lit to feel atmospheric, however the experience is not designed to be scary or frightening.
Do I need to be experienced in Lego building?
No, although a basic understanding of Lego is useful. We’ve provided everything even the most inexperienced builder will need.
Will my child with learning difficulties be okay inside?
We do our very best to cater for everyone that walks through the door, so it’s hard to answer that question, you know your own child and what they enjoy. However we’d be absolutely happy to discuss in a little more detail what takes place inside so you can make the decision.